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Financing small farmers becomes a profitable investment.

Millions of small farmers in developing countries don’t have access to traditional financial services or only get local cash loans with extremely high interest rates. As a result, they are deprived of possibilities to grow their businesses or convert their ideas into new profitable projects.

EthicHub aims to disrupt the status quo by democratizing finances and making credit and investment opportunities available to everyone.

Individual investors in saturated low-interest markets who look for better profits will gain access to highly solvent projects worldwide.

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What is EthicHub?

EthicHub is a transnational peer-to-peer crowdlending platform. Thanks to Blockchain technology we globally connect investors (lenders) with small unbanked producers (borrowers).

Investors have the freedom of choice between highly profitable projects in developing countries. The platform provides access to better reward-vs.-risk investment opportunities, which are usually found in those countries.

Small and unbanked producers can benefit from lower interest rates, due to greater financing supply and take advantage of a stored credit history on the Blockchain. More liquidity allows them to improve productivity, a higher profit from labour and as a result a better quality of life.

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The Advantage of EthicHub

Opportunity to invest in profitable agricultural projects selected in person by a Local Node, and that aren’t accessible via the traditional banking and investment markets.

Democratize Finances

Universalized access to credit and to high return overseas investment opportunities.

Re-assess Reputation

Trust and reputation transformed into assets through the rating of repayment and success records of both, the Borrower and Local Node.

Humanize Finances

Efficiency and transparency improvement. Eliminating intermediaries and proposing to invest only in projects with a positive impact and high profitability.


EthicHub at a Glance

Positive Impact Projects Only

Because they generate Value, as opposed to loans for consumption that generate Debt.

Real P2P

Money goes straight from lenders to borrowers via Smart Contracts, without intermediaries, not even ourselves.

Access to the Unbanked

Especially the agricultural sector which represents a significant part of 2 billion unbanked people.

Guarantee Fund for Investors

In case of Default, the Guarantee Fund purchases investors' credit rights in exchange of the principal amount, allowing for an ethical recovery of the debt.

Only-in-Success Fees

Platform's fees are charged only at the time of repayment.

Know-How in Project Selection

As producers, buyers and financial intermediaries of agricultural production in rural areas of Mexico, we have strong field contacts and first-hand experience.


EthicHub Investment Flow


EthicHub Payment Flow


EthicHub In case of Default


Our Roadmap RoadMap

H1 - 2017

Concept development and validation. First Whitepaper draft.

H2 - 2017

Team creation, LandingPage, prototyping, and community building.

Q1 - 2018

Presale. First projects funded by our Lending Smart Contracts.

Q2 - 2018

EthicHub Platform Alpha. Reputation Token (REP) Smart Contracts

Q3 - 2018

1st Token Sale (ICO). Ethix Token delivery starts. 1st Exchange listing Ethix Token

Q4 - 2018

Ethix Token delivery ends. Inverse Interest Rate Auction.

Q1 - 2019

2nd country. Positive Impact Scoring.

Q2 - 2019

1st Local Node Training Center. Guarantee Fund Smart Contracts

Q3 - 2019

2nd Token Sale. Automated Investment System.

Q4 - 2019

Ethical defaulted debt collection policy. Mobile Apps.

Q1 - 2020

Founders vesting period ends. Loan Secondary Market.

Q2 - 2020

Currency Exchange Insurance. Decentralized Exchange Integration.

Q3 - 2020

10th country. 3rd Token Sale.

Q4 - 2020

Decentralized Governance.

Powered by

We have a powerful and solid team; entrepreneurs with experience in their respective areas: innovation and entrepreneurship, financial intermediation, technological development and global marketing.

Jori Armbruster
Coordinator Node
Pablo Chang
Projects Node
Raúl Martínez
Technology Node
Rainer Aigner
Marketing & Operations Node
Guillermo Escudero
Social Media Manager
Diego Pardilla
Full Stack Developer
Qijiong Jiang
Smart Contracts Developer
Javier Catalá
Gabriela Chang
PR & Partners Node
Oscar Rivilla
Eun Young Cho
Sergio Martínez de la Casa
Bounty Manager
Lucía Ruiz
Backoffice Mexico
Alejandra Hernández
Tax & Legal Mexico


Yacine Teraï
StartupToken HEC Paris
Iñigo Molero
Blockchain and Communication
Maricruz Lacalle-Calderón
PhD and Academic Director in Microfinance and Financial Inclusion
Joel Jabalera
ICO analyst, Crypto Birds COO
Fernando Ramos
Legal advisor
Aurelio Benítez
Legal advisor for Mexico
Luis Espiga
Social Economics
Sebastién Rouxel
Accelerator Manager at StartupToken
Marcos Guitierrez
Business Development

EthicHub PARTNERS Partners

po it law
Universidad Autónoma
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Frequently asked questions - FAQS -

We want to eliminate bureaucratic and economic barriers. For example, transferring money from Europe to Mexico to lend it to a small community of unbanked producers in Chiapas is a very tedious, expensive and slow process because of numerous financial intermediaries.

Blockchain allows you to transfer value more efficiently by getting rid of the middleman and double-spending. It is fast, cheap and safe.

You will be able to lend your money with very low fees.

You will have access to a wider range of better risk/reward investment opportunities.

Your investment will create prosperity or positive impact to the unbanked.

We are the only crowdlending platform for the unbanked that uses Blockchain technology, so we have a first mover advantage.

Thanks to Blockchain we offer investors higher returns.

On the other hand, borrowers benefit from lower interest rates.

Know-How and experience of +25 years financing more than 8.000 unbanked producers locally.

This is a fundraising event in which we sell our underlying crypto tokens in exchange for another cryptocurrency, in this case, Ethers (ETH). It's somewhat similar to an Initial Public Offering ( IPO ) in which investors purchase shares of a company.

We do not agree on the way current ICO’s are raising money. Therefore we want to be a role model regarding good practices. These include:

Make several token sales throughout the company’s consolidation phase. Our focus is not raising as much as possible in the early phase but rather make our business economically sustainable and use the following token sales to expand Ethichub to other markets.

To request rational evaluations. We do not need and ask for many million dollars to start with. Many projects are overvalued and which poses a risk for the token holders.

Discount difference between PreSale and ICO should be correlated with the value
added in.

Condition special discounts to vesting or releasing tokens in a staggered way to protect investors who really believe in the project.

The mechanism proposed by Vitalik, the Interactive Coin Offering available in our 2nd token sale.

Mechanisms to free up resources: Releasing resources based on roadmap completed milestones available in our 2nd token sale.

Due Diligence: Audit made by a prestigious third party prior to token sale.

The exact partitions of the funds that were collected during our token sale and the tokens will be determined and displayed on our website on time before the start of the sale.

Our token is an ERC-20 called ETHIX ( ETX ) with a total supply of 100.000.000 tokens.

You will have access and utility within the platform to lend.

You will have the opportunity to purchase it during the ICO in Q3 2018.

As of now we only accept Ether (ETH). There might be more options available in the future.

You can participate as long as you are not a citizen, resident and or tax resident and person located in Canada, Singapore, China or The United States of America ( USA ), as well as Puerto Rico and The Virgin Islands and any other U.S possessions.

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