Meet The Team

We have a powerful and solid team; entrepreneurs with experience in their respective areas: innovation and entrepreneurship, financial intermediation, technological development and global marketing

Jori Armbruster

Coordination Node

Pablo Chang

Projects Node

Raúl Martínez

Technology Node

Advisors and Collaborators

Our founder team is backed with the support of advisors and collaborators in different areas to globally consolidate the project: Technology, financial, legal and fiscal counseling, content editing and translation, security, social networks and community.

Marcos Gutiérrez

Business Development

Diego Pardilla

Ethereum Developer

Qijiong Jiang

Ethereum Developer

Luis Espiga

Social Economics

Gabriela Chang

Design and copy

Guillermo Escudero

Social Media Manager

Aurelio Benítez

Legal advisor for Mexico

Iñigo Molero

Blockchain and Communication