March-September 2017
Concept development and validation, Team and advisors selection, Whitepaper and platform’s initial development.

October 2017-January 2018
LandingPage, prototyping, community building and seed funding.

January-February 2018
First Local Node selection and training. Selection of the first projects to be financed with funds obtained in the seed funding to generate Borrowers’ first ratings. Drafting first Local Node Training Manual. Development of platform’s first functional version.

March-May 2018
First loans repayment and borrowers’, Local Nodes’ and system’s first rating. Ethic Hub Beta version public release and first projects financed p2p. 2nd Token Sale preparations.

June 2018
2nd. Token Sale backed by working product and profitability-level experience for the investor.

From June 2018
Developments not included in version 1.0. Diversify to other agricultural products. Open second country.

June 2019
3rd. Token Sale to start scaling.

December 2019
Implementation of Ethix Token as payment method in the platform.


June 2020
rd. Token Sale to continue scaling.

December 2020
Implementation of decentralized governance.